11 Things Women Really Want From Wedding Night Sex

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by Charli Penn-Watkins

Now, let’s be honest here: The majority of married couples don’t actually get around to having sex on their wedding night. You might as well scrap what watching all those rom-coms taught you. After all the craziness that is surviving your wedding day in tact, you’re usually drunk, exhausted, or both by the time you get back to your room. That said, who wants to be a statistic? (Especially on their wedding night.) We didn’t!

I say, add “getting laid” to your wedding day to-do-list, right alongside all the other tasks you’ll go bat crazy over seeing go undone. And, if you’re gonna make it a priority, you might as well do it right. Men, here’s a handy little guide to what your wife-to-be will really want to get out of the evening’s activities, and ladies, here’s your first official “honey do” list.

A Good Laugh

Undressing is sexy; slipping out of a 20-pound gown is not. It will be funny, and you should laugh long and hard about it. The same goes for all the other “bloopers” you’re bound to experience that night.

Naughty Vows

You’ve already vowed to cherish and protect each other at all costs. Now it’s time to make the juicier promises you fully intend to keep. You get where I’m going with this, right? Let’s keep this post safe for work and let you fill in the blanks.

Background Music

This is the part where the movies got it right. Nothing sets the mood quite like a naughty playlist. [Insert her favorite slow jams here.]


Every woman wants to be told they’re the most beautiful bride in the world on the big day. If your betrothed says she doesn’t want the same shameless flattery between the sheets on the big night, she’s lying. Case closed.

Something for All Her Senses

You’ve got the touching covered, but what about her other senses? Be sure the room is scented, styled, and soundproofed to perfection. And, don’t forget the sweets.

This list is just getting started. You can check it out in it’s entirety over at the Man, Wife and Dog Blog.

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